Sustainability is the future.

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What kind of environment and earth will we leave for the next generation?

Nowadays more and more well-known corporations including luxury industry have realized this problem. They are focused on long-term sustainable growth, recognizing the success of their business is inextricably linked to the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. They drive sustainability initiatives forward and to adopt 100% biodegradable molded pulp packaging for their products is among the list.

Sustainability is our priority.
  • Utilization of green energy
    Our factories are totally equipped with 3,500㎡of solar photovoltaic panels,
    which has contributed to 50% of our electricity supply.
  • FSC Certified
    To support the protection of world forest resources, we
    standardize our production activities as required by FSC.
  • amfori BSCI Certified
    Social responsibility shall be demonstrated by all roles in an open and
    sustainable supply chain.
  • Recyclable raw material
    Molded pulp is manufactured with natural fibers, such as
    sugarcane bagasse which will be 100% bio-degraded 90 days
    buried in the soil.
  • Eco-friendly production process
    Production process is free of chemicals or toxic substance and all water
    evaporates or is cleaned by water treatment system and reused.