Wet-pressed Molded Pulp
Molded pulp is widely used as tray, insert, and box for consumer products like make-up, skincare, electronics, home appliance, wine, and etc. Showcase your products in style with one of our protective custom box inserts. We offer the eco-friendly, highest quality solutions at the most affordable costs.

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  • Shape Customizable
  • Stackable
  • Biodegradable
  • Economical
  • Light Weight
  • Color Customizable

Toy & Gaming Gear Paper Pulp Tray

Both for electronics and electronic appliances, molded pulp is an ideal choice because it has excellent electrostatic neutrality. Molded pulp enables to copy surface of a packaged product perfectly, of its primary package. One of the standout features of our "Toy & Gaming Gear Paper Pulp Tray" is its ability to perfectly copy the surface of the packaged product and its primary package. This means that your gaming gear, toys, or electronic gadgets will fit snugly within the tray, ensuring a secure fit and minimizing any chances of movement or impact. Whether you're a manufacturer looking to enhance the appeal and safety of your products or a retailer seeking top-notch packaging solutions, our "Toy & Gaming Gear Paper Pulp Tray" is the answer to all your needs. Make the smart choice and invest in the future of packaging technology with our state-of-the-art molded pulp tray. Upgrade your packaging game and ensure your products reach their destination in pristine condition. Order the "Toy & Gaming Gear Paper Pulp Tray" today and experience packaging perfection like never before!
Material: Sugarcane fiber/ bagasse pulp
Color: Customizable
Size: Customizable
Shape: Customizable
Process: Wet pressed pulp molding
Surface finishing: printing/ debossing/ embossing/ laser engraving/ hot stampling
MOQ: 5,000 pieces
Sample lead time (including molding): 10-14 days
Production lead time (including molding): 15-20 days