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Our story

As a leading molded pulp manufacturer from Asia, our story begins since 16 years ago when we set up our
first packaging plant in Shanghai and our ambition was to become one of the best in the industry.

  • 2005
    Founded In
    Shanghai, China
  • 2009
    Shanghai R&D
    Center Opened
  • 2011
    Europe Office
  • 2013
    JiangSu Factory
  • 2016
    USA Office
  • 2018
    Vietnam Factory
  • 2021
    New Shanghai Office Opened
Nowadays we’re proud to be a real globalized
company serving many well-known corporations: one R&D centre in Shanghai, two representative offices in Europe and the US, as well as three own factories located in China and Vietnam covering a total production area of 56,500 square meters and employing over 800 workers, with an output over 100,000 units every day.
Our advantages

we help our customers with innovative design and development of products, cost-saving solutions, worry-free production process and
quality control, timely delivery of goods and beyond. We are your one-stop partner.

  • Expertise

    We enjoy leading and unique material formula and technique of fibre pulp, which enables us to help you to develop a multi-color pulp packaging solution for your products.

  • Competitive

    To help our customers to reduce their packaging budget. We always offer lower prices taking advantage of our leading position in the industry.

    - strong bargaining ability in raw materials purchasing

    - highly efficient use of facilitate capacity

    - advanced energy-saving production process

    - highly automated production equipment

    - own mold & tooling workshop

  • Added Value

    Our goal is to be the one-stop partner of our customers and beyond by taking measures to satisfy their every demand.

    - Fast and professional interaction during innovative design of product

    - Quick molding and sampling

    - Order proceeded with professional care

    - Strict quality control procedure

    - Timely delivery and close monitoring of transition towards the destination port

Why not Switch Your Packaging Solutions to Biodegradable Molded Pulp?

We have a professional and innovative design team with rich experience. Your molded pulp can be
customized according to the idea or drawing of your packaging solutions.