Who are we?

We rank among the leading environment-friendly packaging solution providers from Asia. Our product range
covers 100% degradable molded pulp trays for consumer goods, protect & cushioning for industrial products,
disposable tableware, and take-away food containers.

Our ambition is to become the first choice in you and your company’s pursue of sustainable and recyclable
packaging solutions.

One-stop solution provider
Design, mold & tooling, pulp formulating, manufacture, and after sales service
Strong production capacity

3 factories

800+ workers

56500 square meters

100000 units daily output

Why we can reduce costs for you?

We adopt a variety of methods to save the packaging costs for our customers.

  • strong bargain ability in raw
    materials purchasing

  • highly efficient use of facility
    production capacity

  • advanced energy-saving
    production process

  • highly automated production

  • own mold & tooling
    workshop, no

Make your molded pulp any color you want.

Taking advantage of our advanced and unique material formula & technique, we can help you to develop a multi-color pulp packaging solution for your products.

Be sustainable and colorful. You can achieve both!

Why we are eco-friendly?
  • 100% RECYCLED

After having served as a traditional packaging supplier since about 20 years ago until one day, we realized our planet is overwhelmed by environmental and sustainable problems.

We must do what we can to save our green planet.

Step by step, we withdraw from our business of traditional packaging product range and set to pursue sustainability.

What are our packaging solutions?
Why not Switch Your Packaging Solutions to Biodegradable Molded Pulp?

We have a professional and innovative design team with rich experience. Your molded pulp can be
customized according to the idea or drawing of your packaging solutions.